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1. If you comment on your video, it means that it was not just liked, but caused certain emotions that I want to share.

Video comments are an important indicator because they perform several tasks at once. For example, they tell new visitors whether to watch the video (first they will read the comments, and only then decide). And, of course, comments with feedback always tell the author of the video where to move on and how to get stronger.

You just need to remember: a really cool video still has a lot of comments. If you want your video to quickly receive a large number of comments - start working with Mileglory. With our service, you can buy low cost YouTube comments, which will immediately help you win a high favorable rating on the video platform. Remember: they do not expect popularity, they produce it!

2. Comments on videos on the Youtube platform are an indicator of the value of the content and the general interest in the profile.

If videos are left without comments or if their number is incommensurable with likes, visitors will start to think “something is wrong here” ... That is, there is a risk that they will not become subscribers. Also, a large number of comments (with a large number of likes and views) allows the video to quickly gain a high positive rating and increase its performance in mathematical progression.

Therefore, you need to understand one simple truth: the more comments you have at the beginning, the more people who want to continue the discussion. Yes, you can wait long for any comments. However, with Mileglory you can immediately set the right tone and order real YouTube comments (from 20 to 100 comments from real users for the video), which will be a good start for the further development of the channel.


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