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Start Time: Up to 6 hours. Speed: 50/ day (natural pattern). Refill: 30 days Guaranteed. International. Premium: Real USA Users likes your video.

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1. You have just created your channel on YouTube, but almost no one views the first uploaded videos?

Are you tired of asking your friends to like your videos and leave at least some comment so that the material looks at least a bit “lively”? Starting to buy likes on Youtube videos is the only right decision at the initial stages when the channel is fully new and entirely “lost” among the monsters of the most significant video hosting.

A large number of likes on the video on youtube allows you to increase its ranking position and the speed of attracting users to your channel. Mileglory is a professional service, which will help you get 50 to 1000 likes from real accounts, which will be a good start for your future development as a Youtube blogger.

2. If the viewer liked your video, he/she puts a thumb up under it. It looks like a perfect picture.

That's just the reality is significantly different. Today it’s completely normal when there are only 20 likes per 1000 views. Sometimes people just don’t like to do extra actions (likes) because of their inherent laziness. But the number of likes is an important indicator, after the number of views. It gives a signal to the social network and to all users that the posted video is of specific interest. On YouTube, it's essential to be fast. When you published the video, the work does not end there.

It is necessary immediately to provide starting acceleration for views and likes. Come to Mileglory. Here you can order low cost and fast likes on YouTube channel. Leave a link to the video, then choose your amount of video likes (from 50 to 1000 likes). And that’s it. Then we begin to fulfill your task. And will do it.


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