How much subscribers on Youtube need you to make money in 2020

Expensive apartments, the latest smartphones, cars, and world fame are how the routines of not only leaders but also average bloggers on YouTube go through. What is hidden behind the colorful videos of the authors, how much, and for what they get a lot of money from the author and what it depends on???

From the beginning…


YouTube was created as a free space for the storage and distribution of video content.

The concept of “making money on YouTube” appeared relatively recently, when such a giant as Google integrated into the service. Today, there are several hundred million videos on YouTube that do not lose their relevance. Here your earnings directly depend on the number of subscribers. That is what we will talk about in more detail. But firstly let`s discuss how to make money properly on Youtube

How to make money on Youtube?

The primary way is to earn money on affiliate programs. When someone gets the certain number of subscribers, then the monetization can become enabled. You get cash for the number of commercial views by viewers of advertising materials.

But there are also additional methods of earning. You can contact advertisers privately and place ads for a certain amount. You can also promote products and services through video and more.

What is the key factor, which plays the main role here in Youtube?


YouTube is useful in that you can earn money from the start, without the need to know the basics of programming or invest in promotion. The only important factor is the number of subscribers. You may not have an outstanding design or optimization, but if you subscribe to your channel, it is interesting.

Very often, newcomers are interested in how many subscribers you need to earn on YouTube. So, you can make money on popular video hosting even if you have only ten subscribers.

  • For example, to connect to the popular AIR affiliate program, you only need 50 subscribers and 1000 views.
  • If you want to become a VSP Group partner, it is enough to have a positive reputation, as well as only ten videos on the channel.

The more viewers you have, the higher is your income. We would recommend connecting your channel to the software right at the initial stages.

A smooth increase in popularity and income will be the best motivator for you.

How to attract subscribers to the channel: best practices from professionals

Method 1. Content

A magnificent content produces just a tremendous effect on users. Plan the equipment that you will use for shooting, the plot, editing, effects, music, and more. Pay attention to the information up to date, analyze your competitors, and create only high-quality video materials.

Method 2. Optimization

Want to earn a lot of followers on YouTube, then pay attention to the keywords that you use in the video.

  • Names, descriptions, and tags - everything should be optimized for current keys. They can be viewed on services such as Wordstats Yandex.

Thus, new viewers will come to your channel from internal search and search engines.

Method 3. Invitations

To make it easier to find viewers, you need to know who your target users are. For example, a game channel should look for subscribers in the corresponding group or forum. Here you can place your invitation. Alternatively, you can filter users by interests and make a personal invitation to your channel.

The best offer for you


All mentioned above possibilities for the increasing of the subscriber`s number often require a lot of free time and effort from the YouTube channel owner. It is usually hard to know whether you optimized your content correctly or not? Are your thoughts formulated precisely? There is often a lot of competition for each follower, which is cool, but unfortunately for the starting blogger or music video maker, it is challenging to win.

Our company Mileglory offers you an effective solution to the problem. You can purchase from 100 to 1000 followers per channel, and we will provide you with real subscribers. Why is it worth buying from us? You will get not fake, but real subscribers who will be interested in your content and immediately become your frequent visitors. We offer you round-the-clock support and a guarantee of this service. You can order it at this link -


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