When to expect order delivery?
If the payment is successful, our managers will start processing your order and it will be delivered as soon as possible, depending on your order.

How often can I take a free test of your service?
You can test our services once, after you can decide to buy a package or not

Does the Instagram profile should meet any requirements?
The main condition is that your profile is public.

Why is buying Likes so important?
The number of likes is as important as the number of followers. As strange as it may sound, likes point to the quality of your content. Followers' attention is drawn to posts with a lot of likes, automatically making your content quality and interesting.

Why is buying Comments so important?
Posts with a lot of comments attracts other users who will later want to subscribe to your account. Comments make your account unique, original and worthy of attention. As a matter of fact, the real comments make your profile natural and not wrapped with fakes.

What is the best package to choose from?
We keep the Instagram statistics supervised by our professional team. In this way, we can offer you the best solution at the best price. On the home page you can get acquainted with the advantages of each service package and choose the most suitable one for you.

What is our help about?
We offer you many different service packages designed so that each user can find what he needs. You can be a regular installer, blogger, artist or entrepreneur, and we will help your account to reach new heights. Just choose your favorite package and go through the service ordering process.

What do I do if some Instagram followers unsubscribe from my account?
You have a 30-day period from the date of purchase to contact us and increase the initial number of subscribers, if it is not enough.

I don't have to be afraid of the scam when I order services from you?
Try our free service first, and make sure our work is of the highest quality.

Why is buying Followers so important?
All top Instagram stars spend a lot of money to promote their accounts using fake subscribers. What's the reason for this kind of a wrapping? It's all about visual perception. Most users, when deciding to follow a particular account, pay attention to the number of followers. The same applies to the various brands that decide to cooperate with you. The number of followers is a measure of your Instagram success.

Why is buying Views so important?
Our service is the embodiment of reliability, speed and the latest updates of the world of social networks. By publishing various videos in your Instagram profile, the main indicator of their popularity is the number of views. Views are displayed using a special counter that shows the number of people who have watched your videos. With us, you'll make your videos even more popular.

What information do I need to provide you in order to get your services?
That's a great question. We like to make cooperation easier for us and for you, so all you have to provide is your username. Yes, that's right. We do not need to provide a password for your page. Enter your username, tick the posts you want to get likes and that's it! Enjoy the growing popularity of your Instagram page!

I’ve ordered the package a few days ago, but I still haven't got the result. What should I do?
Please check if your account is not private, as only public accounts can get likes or subscribers. Make your account public and contact us via email.